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Annyeong :D We are Stephanie&Lorraine [♥] 2 girls from the same school with the same interests <: SHOPPING!! Shopping is a FELICITY so we decided to open a blogshop to sell things and share the love with you :X and no, we do not spam and we are 101% trustable :D You can contact us @ enthusmiles@hotmail.com for enquires and orders. Once order is confirmed, we may give you our numbers if neccessary (: Have fun & enjoyyyyy [: Currently supplying to 30++ blogshops :) And emails will be replied within 2 working days at most :) OHYES, WE DO SUPPLY! And if you don't trust us, then dont buy from us yeah ><

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@ Wednesday, 26 December 2012 ; 12:45 | *TOP.

HEY GUYS, this blogshop is offically closed. Thank you for supporting us all these years, and for those whose orders are still being processed, please contact us for your refund. Thank you guys. (:

Envelope Clutches.
@ Friday, 12 October 2012 ; 01:56 | *TOP.

Envelope Clutch :3
$14 EACH/15CAPS.
Waiting time: 1 month after caps have been reached.
If you choose to pay the price with caps, please be patient and wait for your item.


Announcement #79
@ ; 01:16 | *TOP.

Hi guys, please please please support our fred perry backpack preorder because we need 5 more caps as our supplier increased the number of cappings to 15 instead of 10. PLEASE SUPPORT because the people who have been waiting for the cappings to be filled have been waiting for a longlonglong time so please help, thank you so much.
We also got bad news, our supplier for the korean bags, 3 for $10 accessories and roulailai wallets have decided to stop supplying us with these items. We will only continue to sell the roulailai wallets but we have less designs now but dont worry, we will bring in more designs to replace the korean bags such as PU bags, etc, previews are below but prices are not confirmed.

These are the few bagpack and clutches designs that we will be bringing in soon. Some designs from the 3 for $10 accessories will still be available as well.
NOTICE: THOSE WHO ORDERED 3 FOR $10 ACCESSORIES, ROULAILAI WALLETS AND KOREAN BAGPACKS, please email us or contact us as soon as possible for your refund, or you may wish to change your order to our new designs that we will be posting up soon, so do look forward to it, and continue to check our blog for more updates.
Thank you and good night. :3


Announcement #78
@ Tuesday, 9 October 2012 ; 12:30 | *TOP.

HEY GUYS WE ARE BACK YAY. Please keep your orders coming in and we will try our best to entertain all your orders alright, thank you. ;-)


Announcement #77
@ Sunday, 20 May 2012 ; 21:13 | *TOP.

HEY :3 we will be away from 4th JUNE till 11 JUNE for overseas trip, and may not have access to wifi :< please do not say that we scam because we are not replying emails/texts yeah? thank you :>


Announcement #76
@ Thursday, 3 May 2012 ; 20:34 | *TOP.

Hello guyzzzzz.

Our exams are over so we will resume our buisness!!
Finally sent in FPB orders because we finally reached caps YAY.
Also take note:
1) Customized ear studs (cute earstuds) have increased by $1 because supplier suddenly increase and we dk why.
2) We are no longer selling fbts, GITD nail polish, any apparels, hair straighteners. Any orders regarding these items will be ignored, and current orders will be refunded as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and do continue to support us okaaaai <:


Announcement #78
@ Saturday, 10 March 2012 ; 00:59 | *TOP.

Hey guys!

Sorry for not updating for really long, been really busy and stuff, but rest assured we are still trying our best to process your orders as quickly as possible. Sorry for the delay and we hope that you can continue to support us okay! Thanks guys! :3


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